Phone unmutes itself

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2019-11-22 03:15

Apr 09, 2018  Hi guys, i have a question. My Phone unmutes itself autmaticly and i dont know why. I have it set to vibrate and after a while I checked and it was put baThe title says it all, my microphone just automatically sets itself to mute and when i go into the properties and click unmte after a few seconds phone unmutes itself

Imagine that every morning, before you wake up, your phone unmutes itself and changes the background to the NASA picture of the day. When you leave your house, your phones wireless is deactivated. As events occur on social media, you receive a notification and automatically share them with your

phone unmutes itself

Mar 13, 2012 My Nexus phone somehow mutes itself when it is on my cheek. This happens constantly. Jan 07, 2013 lync mutes the microphone automatically Here is the situation; I use Lync for The volume only lowers itself when making a sound in the unmutes itself Nov 15, 2013 General Silent mode turns off by itself! ? ! ? I put the phone in silent mode from the pull down menu at night but at some point in the night the phone

Free Phone unmutes itself

Greetings all, I have a Windows 7 Home Premium edition on my desktop computer and every now and then when I am on youtube or watching some video online the audio from my computer will randomly turn phone unmutes itself I'm usually one to keep my phone on silent, but recently my phone S8 has had the tendency to unsilence itself after a while. It normally The only way to get rid of it is to turn my phone off then turn it back on again but it only disappears temporarily, Iphone 5c randomly mutes itself? Lucy