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2019-09-16 05:35

Here I need to sort that array in order of ascending how to sort array of dates in ascending order in ios. like this way to sort date with String array.Sort NSArray of date strings or objects. Sort the array of items by date and I wanted to present the data in chronological order. ios order array by date

A practical example how to use Cocoa's date and How to Sort and Group UITableView by Date. Each value in the sections dictionary should be an array

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Sorting arrays is a very common task. The Best iOS Development Links February 4, So if we want to sort an array of Date, (Only available in Mac OS X 10. 6 and later and iOS 4. 0 and later. ) Use and pass an array of at least one sort descriptor whose ascending property is false. In the first two cases, your comparison should simply return the negation of what the comparator you normally use (e. g. , compare: ) returned.ios order array by date The default sort order is according to Specifies a function that defines the sort order. If omitted, the array is sorted according to each iOS Safari Samsung

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let firstElement 0. timeStamp! as Date let secondElement 1. timeStamp! as Date return secondElement)) ) The above code is a snippet from one of my projects. It uses the helper class to sort my logs with most recent dates at the left of the array. ios order array by date I have this: class Movies Name: String Date: Int and an array of [Movies. How do I sort the array alphabetically by name? I've tried: movieArr movieArr. sorted 0 1 I want to sort the array that contains date string in descending order, I have tried SO answers, but I am getting wrong output. Please see my code as below: NSArray dateArray[NSArray