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Here is a way to Reset forgot restrictions Passcode on iPad Air, iPad Mini. There are some requirements for successfully reset forgot restrictions Passcode on iPad Air or iPad Mini. Download iCopyBot for MacWindows, its a tool to backup your data in a secure way and best to Edit file on your Mac or computer.Try Possible Ways to Unlock iPad Air Backup Password. Try your 4 digit unlock code for your device. If you have a more complex unlock code involving characters and such, try that too. Try 0000 as the password, sometimes the default password is in face 0000. forgot passcode ipad air

The first is the password to your Apple ID. This is the account you use when you are purchasing apps, music, movies, etc. on your iPad. The second password is the one your iPad may ask for when you wake it up. This password is commonly referred to as a passcode and usually, contains four numbers.

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Once you select erase iPad your iPad and forgotten code will be erased. Now go through the Setup Assistant on your iPad to restore from your most recent iCloud backup, or setup as new if you ave never turned on iCloud backups. Your last option to erase and restore your iPad is by putting it in Recovery Mode. Nov 16, 2017 DFU mode: Install the latest version of iTunes on your computer if it isn't there already. Reboot your computer. Disable any antivirus and firewalls. Launch iTunes. Connect the device cable to a USB port on the computer (not to a USB hub), Press and hold the HOME and SLEEP buttons at the same time for exactly 10 seconds,forgot passcode ipad air Reset Forgotten Passcode for iPad Step 01. Connect your iPad to the computer that was used to synced before Open iTunes. Step 02. Before resetting your iPhone to factory default, Its very important to Backup all Step 03. Now, Click on the Restore iPad button. It will bring your iPad settings to default. Step 04. As soon as finished

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How can the answer be improved? forgot passcode ipad air Apple's official instructions to restore an iPad are: 1. Connect iPad to your computer. 2. Select iPad in the iTunes sidebar, then click the Summary tab. 3. Click Check for This will erase the device and its passcode. Connect your device to the computer you synced with. Open iTunes. Wait for iTunes to sync your device and make a