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The Bad Brain with Body Armor! Accessories: Attachable Cranium Claw, Dimensional Communicator, Mutant Mobile Walker, Android Lazer Blaster. When the bodiless bad brain Krang needs to get up and crush a few Turtles,Krang may be all brains, but with this indestructible deluxe android body, he's got the brawn necessary to challenge the Turtles head on. Powered by a sewer cooled nuclear generator from Dimension X, Krang's android body can smash, bash and demolish its way through anything or anyone, including the four Turtle dudes in attack formation! tmnt krang android body

Vintage Krang's Android Body (1994) Action Figure Playmates TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collectible Figure Out of Package (OOP)

tmnt krang android

And that's the way Krang likes it, uhhuh. The first Krang figure was released in 1989, but that one was just transported around in his little mobile walker. In 1992, Playmates released an 11 figure of Krang's android body, but that was too Related: krang tmnt tmnt krang android body teenage mutant ninja turtles krang android body 1991 technodrome ninja turtles krangs android body krang android body 1994 Include description Categoriestmnt krang android body Amazon. com: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Krang's Android Body 5Inch Tall Action Figure 1995 Playmates: Toys& Games

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