Ara smartphone specs

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2019-09-20 23:40

Googles Project Ara hasnt exactly been in the news all that much, but that might change with a product launch this year. If you dont remember, Project Ara lets users swap out parts of their smartphone, so that you dont need to upgrade the entire phone every year or so just a specific block, such as the camera.Watch video The first Ara device is a smartphone because that's the biggest market. But Camargo reminds me that anything bigger than the smallest module, which right now is about half the size of a stick of gum, could be an Ara device. An Ara tablet isn't a crazy idea, nor is a teenytiny Internet of Things Ara device. ara smartphone specs

Sep 02, 2016 Well this is a sad day indeed. We've been enthusiastically reporting about Google's Ara modular smartphone project for a couple of years now, because it was a genuinely exciting prospect that could have changed the industry massively.

ara smartphone specs

On the specifications front, Google is planning to provide two frame sizes such as mini and medium. With mini frame, you will be able to use the Ara as a Nokia 3310 phone and like a LG Nexus 5 in case of medium frame. Under its original design, Project Ara was supposed to consist of hardware modules providing common smartphone parts, such as processors, displays, batteries, and cameras, as well as modules providing more specialized components, and frames that these modules were to be attached to.ara smartphone specs Project Ara modular smartphone release date and price A year and a half ago at Ara developers conference, Google announced that the Ara phone market pilot would be released in Puerto Rico at the end of 2015.

Free Ara smartphone specs

To celebrate the news, the search giant has created a new promo video for Project Ara. It obviously plays on the Ara's modular strengths, though it looks like some of those small modules are actually going to be pretty easy to lose. ara smartphone specs Specwise, the Project Ara smartphone is far from being impressive, but that wasn't the point of it anyway. Although the smartphone was powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM, it only packed a 2. 1megapixel rear camera with fixedfocus lens, as well as a 5megapixel front camera.