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2019-08-23 01:44

by Domenico Dalessandri, DDS, MS, PhD. Nowadays almost all of us have a smartphone and we use it hundreds of times during the day checking incoming emails, surfing through the web and sharing our thoughtsChoosing the Best Apps for DentalOral Health. In this slideshow, you will see a variety of mobile apps that may increase efficiency and productivity. orthodontic apps for smartphones

Apps in the preceding three categories were excluded and the orthodontic relevant apps were further categorized into those targeted towards orthodontic clinicians and those for prospective or current orthodontic patients.

orthodontic apps for

Ranging from fun apps that allow you to add braces to anyone that you have a photo of to an app that allows you to share your experiences within the bracewearing community and others in between, there are a number of apps dedicated to the orthodontic experience for your smartphone and home computer. The Best Dental Apps for Your Smartphone The average person spends nearly three hours a day on their smartphone, according to a Bloomberg Business article. Much of this time is spent reading emails, browsing news headlines, calling and texting friends and using apps.orthodontic apps for smartphones RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access Orthodontic apps at fingertips Mayuresh Jagannath Baheti and Nandlal Toshniwal Abstract Background: Smartphone usage has spread to many settings including that of healthcare and dentistry with

Free Orthodontic apps for smartphones

With the ability to download customised orthodontic software applications (apps), new opportunities have arisen not only for orthodontists to assimilate technology into clinical practice but also for the patients to collect the information about orthodontics and help them during their treatment. orthodontic apps for smartphones The app in includes coping strategies and options available to patients with dental phobia, such as sedation dentistry. Dental Phobia is 0. 99 and is available on iTunes. Braces Help Braces Help is an informative app for patients wearing braces. Apps in the above were excluded and orthodonticrelated apps were divided into two main categories: (1) apps for orthodontic clinicians and (2) apps for orthodontic patients. These two categories were further divided into different categories according to their ability of function. Smartphones allow users to access information in ways previously not possible and our patients may be accessing apps to source information about orthodontics and help them through their treatment. Aim: To provide an overview of the orthodontic apps currently available on four of the main operating systems with emphasis on those apps