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2019-09-18 06:39

To ease things, however, Apple does show you the apps that youve already installed. Go to the App Store; Now tap on Updates; Tap on Purchased; Tap on Not on this iPhone Install the apps that you want. Arguably, this is a lengthy process but this definitely ensures that all your apps are back.May 28, 2012 Oh one more cool method is open appstore on the ipad, hit purchased and then run the filters by ipad vs iphone and then not on this ipad you should see everything you purchased in the past that is not on the ipad. lost apps on ipad 2

This will reset the iPad, but no data or settings will be lost. This should restore sound. You may be able to hear audio playback, such as music, podcasts, movies, and TV shows but NOT notifications, sound effects and some apps.

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The iPad 2 sports an upgrade over previous models in that it allows the user to select how the rotation lock switch handles tasks. Instead of being solely for locking the device in landscape mode, users can now make a change in settings to make the switch mite all sound when activated. Mar 30, 2012 I have a number of apps installed that I am unable to access because I seem to have lost the icons relating to them. I have tried a restart no success. I have tried syncing with my PC no success. This leaves me in the position where I am unable to accessuse these apps.lost apps on ipad 2 If your Apple Watch is lost or stolen. Or if your Mac is lost or stolen. Get help if your AirPods are missing. Turn off Find My iPhone Activation Lock on

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Lost An Icon On IPad 2 Jun 17, 2012 I seem to have lost an icon on my ipad2. I lost my People magazine icon for some reason. If I go into Settings it is there. If I go to Search it is there and I can access it. But it is nowhere to be found on my ipad desktop. I tried to reinstall it but it tells my that it is already installed. lost apps on ipad 2 First, launch the App Store. If you have a lot of apps downloaded to your iPad and don't want to hunt for the App Store icon, you can use the Spotlight Search feature to quickly find and launch any app. Once the App Store is opened, tap your profile picture at the topright corner of the screen.