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Find the Best Cell Phone and Plan for You. PhoneDog's LG has the right idea with buttons on the back buttons on the back of the device, the phone isFeb 24, 2015 So the newer LG phones have the power button and volume buttons on the back. So wouldn't when you lay down the phone on a surface accidentally turn off the phone or mess up the volume controls? phones with buttons on the back

What to Do When Your Phone's Buttons Stop Working. Whitson Gordon. 3: 00pm. If you've rooted your phone, you can also simulate the back

phones with buttons

Jun 12, 2014  Don't like LG's placement of its smartphone control buttons on the back of the G3 as it's done with some earlier phones? Better Secondly, the back buttons are where your fingers naturally lay when you hold a smartphone. LG claims its simply more convenient. Third, the back buttons double in function and for instance you can use the volumephones with buttons on the back Use This OnScreen Navigation Bar Instead (No Root Stuck Buttons on Your Phone or want to bring up the buttons, then you'll be able to use the back,

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Most phones have all the routes coming from either above the screen or below the screen, requiring thicker side bezels to fit them all. The second design touch comes in the buttons, which have been moved from their positions on the top and sides of the phone to the back. phones with buttons on the back Phone Card Holder, Cell Phone 3M Adhesive Stick on Wallet with Button Sticky on the PhoneCase back for iPhone, Samsung, LG, Piexl, HTC All Android phones have a dedicated BACK button. It is not always a hard, tactile button. It is never recommended to put a BACK button in your software. Reportedly, yes, but I do not have the answer handy, sorry.