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Jul 21, 2018 How to Retrieve an Item That Was Flushed Down a Toilet. Depending on where in the toilet the item is stuck, you may have to remove the entire toilet from the floor to access the stuck item. Obtain a plumbers snake. It's a coil of wire thatHelp! Ive dropped my phone down the loo. Okay, so your iPhone is in the loo. Firstly, dont panic. You may have alarm bells going off in your head and argghh phone in toilet, phone in toilet, phone in toilet will be the first words you squeal, but try to stay calm. flushing phone down toilet

So to anyone who drops a new phone down a toilet while flushing it, don't despair! Just get out your iCloud control panel, Looxcie lifelogging camera, powerful laser, coat hanger, plastic bag, rubber bands, twine, tape, twist ties, 116 Allen wrench, 2 neodymium sphere magnet, and your stubborn inability to give up in the face of overwhelming

flushing phone down

Flushing your cell phone down the toilet can cause plumbing problems. Sometimes people drop their cell phone in the toilet, don't notice its absence immediately, and flush. Larger models may survive the toilet's current, but smaller phones typically go down the pipes and can cause serious plumbing problems. Dec 09, 2008 What do I do if I flushed my phone down the toilet? the sewer line especially if it is a small one like so many people have. The toilet drain is 4 inches inside diameter. Flush your toilet and pay attention to the actions of the water leaving the toilet. If you hear a gurgling noise and the water level does not return to the normalflushing phone down toilet Saturday morning I was having a nightmare about the toilet when I wake up to the words no one wants to hear first thing in the morning, Cecilia, I accidentally flushed my phone down the toilet.

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Someone flushed a cell phone down our toilet. Advice? flushing phone down toilet