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The null values appear to be string literals @ rather than the NSNull objects typically used to represent nils in Cocoa collections. You can filter them out by using NSArray's method:Replaces the objects in the receiving array specified by one given range with the objects in another array specified by another range. func replace Objects (in: NSRange, with Objects From: [Any) Replaces the objects in the receiving array specified by a given range with all of the objects from a given array. ios nsarray remove all objects

NSArray NSMutableArray. NSArray is ObjectiveCs generalpurpose array type. It represents an ordered collection of objects. NSArray is immutable, so we cannot dynamically add or remove items. Its mutable counterpart, NSMutableArray, will be discussed in the second part of this tutorial. NSArray Example

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The NSMutableArray class declares the programmatic interface to objects that manage a modifiable array of objects. This class adds insertion and deletion operations to the basic arrayhandling behavior inherited from NSArray For this backing store you can use a static array, a standard NSArray object, or some other data type or mechanism. You may also choose to override, partially or fully, any other NSArray method for which you want to provide an alternative implementation.ios nsarray remove all objects Jul 01, 2017  iOS(Video): An introduction using the NSArray in ObjectiveC By Yogesh Patel. Source Code: In this Channel I'll

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How can I remove an object from a reversed NSArray. Currently I have a NSMutableArray, then I reverse it with. NSArray reversedCalEvents [[calEvents allObjects; now I need to remove at item from reversedCalEvents or calEvents and automatically refresh the table the array is ios nsarray remove all objects If all objects in your array are unique or you want to remove all occurrences of an object when found, you could fast enumerate on an array copy and use [NSMutableArray removeObject: to remove the object from the original. NSArray is a basic static array; once you have created the array, you cant add or remove items from it. This type of array is immutable, or unchangeable, much like many objects in ObjectiveC. Conversely, NSMutableArray lets you add and remove The old array will be deallocated when there are no more strong references to it. If you had the only strong reference to it, then when you set array to something else, it will be deallocated immediately. . When the old array is deallocated, it will release all of the objects it contains.