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Describes of common scenarios in which Calendar information scenarios in which Calendar information may be accept or decline a meeting by usingExchange Outlook Calendaring Problems (lost meetings, AND bugs in the Blackberry users CANNOT acceptdecline meeting appointments or modify meeting blackberry decline accepted meeting

As the goto smartphone for businesses, the BlackBerry is wellsuited for users who telecommute. It has a meetings feature that allows a leader to create calendar events and automatically send out meeting requests that popup on the invitee's phone.

blackberry decline accepted

Blackberry autoaccepting meeting requests how to stop? We have a new BB user who we set up last week. Blackberry NOT receiving meeting requests. Hi All, I manage a number of Blackberry users. We are currently running BES version. 8. This is linked to an Exchange 2000 server. Allblackberry decline accepted meeting When I get invites to meetings I don't have the button to add the meeting to my calendar. And there is a briefcase with the word 'Busy'

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A meeting request arrives on the BlackBerry smartphone formatted as a regular email message. The option to accept or decline this request is not available; only the email options of forwarding or replying are available blackberry decline accepted meeting Aug 05, 2009 Hi, If your colleagues schedule a meeting in Outlook and send it to your email address associated with your Blackberry device, you will receive an email about the meeting of which you can accept, modify, or decline the meeting. If you accept the invite for the meeting (which can be a recur Meeting requests appear as messages on the BlackBerry smartphone and the Accept and Decline options are missing Calendar meeting requests are received as email messages and therefore are unable to be accepted or declined on the BlackBerry smartphone