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How To Use Android Phone Camera as Webcam for PC Manpreet Singh 2 years ago We are going to explore the easiest way to use your Android Smartphone as a webcam, there are many apps available on the internet but this one is the easiest method available to use your Android as a webcam for your PC.You can also use your phone as a webcam to make video calls from a computer. You can use your phone as a camera to chat using Skype. There are two stages to this setting up the camera on your phone, and setting up Skype to use the phone as a camera. We'll walk you through each stage of the process. use android phone as webcam

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Oct 19, 2012  Introduction: How to Use an Android Phone As a Webcam With Skype By nerdinsider Nerd Insider Follow About: Nerd Insider is a blog about technology and gadgets run by a team of writers and tech enthusiasts based in How to Use Android Phone as Webcam. Last Updated on November 18, 2017 by Thirumal raj. We often need the webcam to chat with family, friends or others. With the help of softwares and apps, you can convert your android as webcam and use it while chatting. You can give a try to this simple method which is really useful.use android phone as webcam All you need is your Android phone and a suitable app. Why Use Your Phone As A Webcam? Youre caught short. Your children want to chat with their grandparents over Skype. Or perhaps its your boss, wanting a teleconference to discuss that report you submitted. But you dont have a webcam.

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How to turn your Android smartphone into a webcam for your Windows PC Tutorial by Codrut Neagu published on Do you have a Windows laptop or a computer that you use for making Skype calls, but you dont have a webcam to use with it? use android phone as webcam Use your android phone as webcam using Wifi. Here, you phone video will be streamed and made available to your PC applications via After reading this article, youll be able to use your Android phone as a webcam for Skype, Google Talk, Facebook, or any other program