Apple iphone 6 release date

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2019-08-23 01:28

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The devices are part of the iPhone series and were announced on September 9, 2014, and released on September 19, 2014.iPhone 6 release date confirmed September 19th is the confirmed iPhone 6 release date, as predicted by everyone, and the iPhone 6 plus will ship at the same time. The Apple Watch will ship 'early 2015' according to Tim Cook. apple iphone 6 release date

In 2014, Apple forked its iPhone product line, simultaneously introducing the next generation of its flagship model the iPhone 6 and debuting its supersized sibling, the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 is an exceptional phone in nearly every way but for its middling battery life.

apple iphone release

It's fairly safe to bet that the iPhone 6 release date will be in autumn 2014 (likely around September): Apple said that iOS 8 will be rolling out in the Fall . Apple iPhone 6 display The latest released leak is a video that shows the iPhone 6 clearly and claims that in spite of the 4. 7inch size rumour being correct the sapphire glass screen, sadly, isn't apple iphone 6 release date

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