Android linearlayout scrollable example

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2019-10-14 19:02

Linear Layout LinearLayout is a view group that aligns all children in a single direction, vertically or horizontally. You can specify the layout direction with theFor example, the snippet above sets android: gravity to center . The value you set affects both horizontal and vertical alignment of all child views within the single row or column. You can set android: layoutweight on individual child views to specify how linear layout divides remaining space amongst the views it contains. android linearlayout scrollable example

Now, android will decide on the basis of content and device size available whether to show a scrollable or not. Make sure linearlayout has no sibling because ScrollView can not have more than one child.

android linearlayout scrollable

Android, Activity, ScrollView, Horizontal Scroll View, vertical Scroll View, Simple Scroll View, Simple ScrollView example in Android, Vertical Scroll View Demo in Android, Scroll View in Android ListView has its own ScrollView, If you want to scroll LinearLayout then follow the this code. Declare Scrollview as parent and declare only one child Linearlayout inside it (Scrollview contain only one child) Declare what ever you want inside the linearlayout scrollable example Scroll view supports vertical scrolling only. For horizontal scrolling, use HorizontalScrollView instead. Never add a RecyclerView or ListView to a scroll view.

Free Android linearlayout scrollable example

Important Note: In android default ScrollView is used to scroll the items in vertical direction and if we want to scroll the items horizontally then we need to implement horizontal ScrollView. One more important thing is that we never use a Scroll View with a ListView because List View is default scrollable(i. e. vertical scrollable). android linearlayout scrollable example Hey all is it possible to make an entire linear layout scrollable when it needs to be? (when all of the elements in the layout don't fit on the main screen)? I know it is doable with views, etc. Working with the ScrollView. the end of the scrollable content area. For example for a terms of android: id @idtvlong android: layoutwidth When we run above example in android emulator we will get a result like as shown below. If you observe above result, ScrollView provided a vertical scrolling for linearlayout whenever the content exceeds layout screen.