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WhatsApp's autodownloading of images is a waste of storage space and a clutter to your gallery. Here's how to disable this nuisance of a feature. Less than two years after Apple launched the first iPhone, WhatsApp hit app stores around the world. At first, it was great. no photos will download automatically. To save a photo onto yourStop WhatsApp saving photos on iPhone We show you how to stop WhatsApp automatically saving photos, videos and other media to your iPhone. Stop photos and videos filling up your storage whatsapp automatically download images iphone

With the recent update, you can disable autodownload in WhatsApp for iPhone. Stop WhatsApp from Autodownloading Pictures on iPhone [Howto By Jignesh Padhiyar. Read now. Do you find it annoying that WhatsApp automatically download photos and videos to your camera roll by default? I personally find this feature

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iPhone; Windows Phone How do I install Whatsapp? Search for: Automatically download whatsapp images. It is possible to download the images, videos and audio automatically. To set this or do not you take the following steps: Media AutoDownload. . Here you can choose when WhatsApp media will automatically download How to stop auto downloading and saving of media (images, audio, videos) in WhatsApp. SHARE ON: By doing this you will stop saving photos and videos automatically to your camera roll. Android. To disable auto downloading photos and videos etc, for WhatsApp in your Android,whatsapp automatically download images iphone How to stop WhatsApp from autodownloading images and videos to iPhone camera roll? Here is a quick guide to keep your iPhone camera roll clutterfree. However, it is pretty simple and straightforward to disable WhatsApp to autodownload photos and videos to your iPhone camera roll. WhatsApp basically downloads images automatically

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How to Automatically Download Images on WhatsApp Two Methods: On Android On iPhone Community Q& A This wikiHow teaches you how to enable WhatsApp to automatically download received pictures and videos whatsapp automatically download images iphone If you have sufficient iPhone storage, then turning on the Whatsapp Media file automatic download will save you this trouble. But in fact an iPhone is always in storage crisis. Besides, downloading WhatsApp media (as you mentioned 1, 000 pictures) from WhatsApp web may be difficult and timeconsuming for you, even Stop WhatsApp From Automatically Saving Photos to iPhone. Here is another way to Stop WhatsApp From Saving Photos to iPhone. The difference with this method is that it allows you to download photos manually to iPhone (in case you want to) by tapping on the Photos attached to the WhatsApp Messages on your iPhone. How to Stop WhatsApp from Downloading and Saving Photos, Videos Automatically on Android, iPhone