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Apr 26, 2013 Turning this on phones was pushed out to Telstra provided phones. Some phones a couple of years ago had problems with it and possibly some cooks of android. These issues should be in the past now.The interoperability test was done to show that the standardized version of fast dormancy works and that the dark days of low battery life and crippling amounts of signaling traffic will soon be over, according to Shannon. The test was conducted using a base station from Nokia Siemens and a smartphone chipset from Qualcomm. fast dormancy windows phone

Jun 10, 2014 How to disable fast dormancy on the htc one? ? Sent from my HT using xda premium

fast dormancy windows

Hidden Secret Codes for Samsung Galaxy Mobile which has been featured on various mobile phone can be used to enable fast dormancy and boost In a nutshell Fast Dormancy allows the RRC state machine to go to IDLE(CELLPCH) from CELLDCH without waiting for the timer to expire. Is there any OS (Android, Windows Phone, iOS etc) which exposes APIs using which we can invoke fast dormancy on 3G devices? Any pointers dormancy windows phone Feb 05, 2012 Hi, does the Lumia 800 use Network Controlled Fast Dormancy? My Provider doesnt support it and the battery of my Android Phone goes down really fast because Fast Dormancy only extends

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Jan 09, 2013 Since the JB leak there has been quite a bit of discussion about Fast Dormancy, so I thought I would try to explain things a little. Firstly a little explanation on what FD actually is. When your phone is connected via data (not wifi) your phone needs to enter certain states in order to maintain fast dormancy windows phone In last weeks video Erica gave an overview of Fast Dormancy, what it is and how it works. After weeks of research and hard work, Erica submits a great doctoral dissertation on Fast Dormancy. In this video Erica talks demonstrates the 3G state changes and discusses their impacts on the phone and battery life. Fast Dormancy Save Your Battery from 3G Drainage XDA Developer TV. In todays XDA Developer TV, Erica is back to talk about fast dormancy. When your phone is using a 3G network, it is consuming battery as well. We all know that 3G is a battery vampire. Watch as Erica explains in detail how fast dormancy can help save your battery.