Phone compass not accurate

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2019-09-16 09:26

Does your iPhone or Android phone have a miscalibrated compass? This can be a really irritating problem, especially if you're late for a meeting or appointment, and can't find your way through the city. Some people have found that the compass recalibrates in the wrong direction after dropping theirSep 01, 2013  In this video, I'll show you how to fix your compass on your mobile device (Android). A week ago, I had a problem with the compass phone compass not accurate

Accuracy of sensors in Android devices? they are not anywhere as accurate as things like Ublox 8m etc and the reason This compass data is fused by the android

phone compass not

Jun 08, 2014 The compass on my S4 is wildly inaccurate. First of all, if the phone isn't absolutely level, the compass reading is almost random and I can make the But first you need to know how to calibrate the Compass to cancel any your phone. As instructed on with iPhone Compass. Compass gives accurate readings ofphone compass not accurate Before testing each phone, we quit and restarted the Compass application, One model was not accurate at all15 degrees away from 0 at best,

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How accurate is the digital compass and level on your iPhone 5s? For a while now we've been seeing ourselves, and hearing from a lot of you about the magnometer (digital compass) in the iPhone 5s and how it's consistently presenting abnormal results, even by digital compass standards. phone compass not accurate It is not our app's fault, it is your phone's fault. Search; Accurate Compass. then no compass will work on your phone. It is not our app's fault,