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Apple faces class action lawsuit over WiFi assist data usage Company faces lawsuit alleging 5m damages for feature which uses mobile dataLeaving WiFi Assist on could cost you. Leaving it on could cost you. Leaving WiFi Assist on could cost you. Change this setting to avoid massive iPhone data bills. Subscribe; Home; Subscribe. 40 Under 40 iphone data usage wifi assist

It's time to stop panicking about Apple's WiFi assist feature in iOS 9. If you've been blowing through data since upgrading to iOS 9 or buying a new iPhone, it's probably not because of WiFi Assist; it's because of your bad settings.

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How can the answer be improved? If you don't want your iOS device to stay connected to the Internet when you have a poor WiFi connection, you can disable WiFi Assist. Go to Settings Cellular or Settings Mobile Data. Then scroll down and tap the slider for WiFi Assist.iphone data usage wifi assist Check with your carrier to determine your monthly data plan (in some cases you may be able to raise your data at a better rate) and put your own WiFi Assist usage stats in context. WiFi Assist is on by default, but you can find the toggle to disable WiFi Assist in the same section as the usage stats if you decide the feature is still too risky.

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In theory, WiFi Assist feature is supposed to assist your browsing when WiFi becomes spotty, using Cellular Data to fill in the gaps. But turns out, if you have a really spotty connection, this could be that even big stuff like downloads can happen over data. Worst of all, you wouldnt even know about it. iphone data usage wifi assist iOS 9. 3 Displays Exact WiFi Assist Data Usage Numbers Tuesday January 12, 2016 12: 39 pm PST by Juli Clover Apple's iOS 9. 3 beta introduces major new features like Night Shift, but there are also dozens of little tweaks to be discovered in the operating system update. It appears that one of those minor changes applies to WiFi Assist, Most of her usage was at home or a Starbucks. The culprit? WiFi Assist. This feature added in iOS 9 is intended to make your Internet experience more consistent. When youre on a WiFi network that has erratic service, such as Internet connection dropouts, WiFi Assist uses the cellular network as a secondary data source. If you use an Exchange ActiveSync account, it might continue to use cellular data even if you turn it off for Mail and Calendar. To see the cellular data usage of your Exchange ActiveSync account, go to Settings Cellular System Services. You can use WiFi Assist to automatically switch to cellular when you have a poor WiFi connection. WiFi Assist lets you automatically pop over to cellular data if you end up on a WiFi network with a poor connection. That's great for maintaining your Netflix stream or Facebook browsing, but not so great for your data usage.