Best phones under 30000 in pakistan

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2019-10-19 09:02

Best Smartphones under Rs. 30, 000 in Pakistan. At Rs. 30, 000 PKR, you can easily get smartphones that are almost flagship class Best Smartphones underWe've compiled a list of 10 best mobile phones in India under Rs 30, 000 for this month that offer the top specs in this budget. best phones under 30000 in pakistan

Best Huawei phone under Rs. 30, 000 in Pakistan. handing over the title of the best Huawei smartphone under 30, 000 mid range phones best value for

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Dec 17, 2017  Assalam o alikuim every one lets see which are the Top 5 Best Mobiles Phones Under R. S In Pakistan 2018. these mobiles phone are released in 2018 in pakistan Jul 02, 2018 Best SmartPhones under Rs 30, 000 in Pakistan (July, 2018) Complete written reviews: 5 Amazing Upcoming Phones in Pakistan 2018 Duration: 5: phones under 30000 in pakistan Weve already covered the lists of best smartphones under Rs. 5, 000, Rs. 10, 000, Rs. 15, 000, Rs. 20, 000, and Rs. 25, 000. Today, well pick the best smartphones under the price range of Rs. 30, 000. You can get excellent phones in this price range. Some of them even come with 4GB of RAM for smooth multitasking.

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That wraps up our list of the best smartphones you can buy for under Rs. 35, 000 in Pakistan. These phones are available with official local warranty and can be purchased at your local mobile phone shops. Do keep in mind that you can find these phones online for a lower price but they may not have a warranty and may be grey market or smuggled. best phones under 30000 in pakistan Lets get rolling with the best smartphones under 30, 000 rupees in Pakistan. # 10 Huawei P9 Lite. Price: Rs. 26, 000. The P9 Lite gets the ball rolling in the best way possible.