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2019-08-20 08:33

Just for the sake of your phones health, charge your phone full for the first time. Then use it until it reaches 20 or 30 of battery. Then keep routine charging and discharging between 40 and 80.Jan 10, 2018 how long do u charge the new note 4 for the first time? and how about the battery life? can u guys recommend should i take my phone after 100 full or leave it for many hours? new phones first charge

May 30, 2012  The one thing I am a bit old fashioned about is the first charge. The one time I just used the charge that was in the battery before charging it was with my old Motorola RAZR (the flip phone, not the current line), and the battery life of

new phones first

Nov 26, 2013  Anyway, if you bought any mobile phones smartphones now, all likely in Liion batteries. HOW LONG TO CHARGE new phone? 1. Till 100 and wait for next 10 mins will be fine. 2. Why 10 mins? Some intelligent charger software will implement Trickle charge to maintain 100 charged of the battery. SAFETY CAUTION (own risk First of all i want to tell you that there are two types of batteries used in mobile phone. 1. Lithium ion battery 2. Lithium polymer battery So the lithium polymer battery was used in old phones and they have different charging and discharging rnew phones first charge Ok you bought a brand new mobile phone with brand new battery, after checking its working ok kindly switch it off and charge it fully (100) then start using it. IT WILL INCREASE YOUR BATTERY LIFE. , said by the Seller.

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How to Charge and When to Charge? when is it good to charge my Phone for the first time? Or what is the best way to charge your new phone battery. new phones first charge Do I have to charge my phone before I use it the first time? up vote 34 down vote favorite. 8. When I got my last phone, First battery charge on new tablet? 3.