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2019-10-19 08:04

Enabled automatic device registration to DicksonOne via the latest WiFi connection Fixed bug that prohibited locations from loading on the mobile app for certainGetting Started with the v2 API. The V2 API provides a RESTful interface to the DicksonOne data service. Base API URL. dicksonone mobile app

Create your own DicksonOne Mobile App on an iPhone or iPad. Last Updated: Aug 29, DicksonOne has its own app! Get the DicksonOne App in the iTunes Store.

dicksonone mobile app

DicksonOne Temperature Monitoring. Compliant. Simple. The DicksonOne Mobile App. Find it in the app store. Wireless temperature and humidity data loggers from experts in environmental monitoring for over 90 years.dicksonone mobile app Home DicksonOne Mobile App Is there a DicksonOne Mobile A Is there a DicksonOne Mobile App? Last Updated: Jun 09, You can download app

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Aug 17, 2017 The DicksonOne mobile app includes access to all data logger and location information in the cloud. Anywhere. Anytime. A great tool for existing dicksonone mobile app