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2019-11-18 12:04

In simple terms, iOS 8 App Extensions provides a new method of interacting with your application, without starting it or showing it on the screen.Share extensions, part the new Extensibility features in iOS 8, are some of the most important additions to the platform since the launch of the App Store. That's right, sharing isn't just for Apple's own services and partners any more. share extension ios 8 example

In this tutorial we will see about iOS share extension with example to share any photo in iOS application.

share extension ios

Share extensions, introduced in iOS 8, give users an easy and convenient way to share content with other entities, such as social sharing websites or upload services. How to write a custom Sharing extension on iOS 8. One of the most exciting features of iOS 8 and OS X v10. 10 is the ability to extend the functionality of your app through extensions:share extension ios 8 example Recently, I've been making a simple iOS 8 share extension to understand how the system works. As Apple states in its App Extension Programming Guide: By default, your containing app and its

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The Mobile Frontier. Using an iOS 8 share extension to upload a photo to IBM Bluemix Here I have the Example Share extension turned off, share extension ios 8 example I have creat a new target Share Extension in xcode, then I run it on my device. I don't know why when I run my Share Extension on my devices (iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6) the won't show. App extensions were introduced a couple of weeks ago during WWDC 2014 Keynote as a way to extend the reach of your app to some parts of iOS (8), for example by creating a widget that will show up in Notification Center, or a custom sharing action. Share Extension in iOS 8 Tutorial. Share Extension in iOS 8 Example.