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2019-09-20 02:24

The new Windows Phone 8. 1 update 1 Build. 306 has arrived for developers preview devices and these are some changes that we could notice. 1) Battery Saver tile now is a realtime updated Live Tile showing battery percentage. 2) You can add Battery saver as one the quick action settings 3Windows Phone previewers might soon get a new build of the OS to try out as build has been publicly mentioned by Microsoft as an upcoming update. This is likely the longrumored Update 2. windows phone build 14203

Windows Phone 8. 1 has recently been updated to version number as part of the Preview for Developers program, with Microsoft rolling out a number of changes that could be later released to everyone when the testing period is completed. In addition to improvements for Battery Saver, Windows

windows phone build

For members of the Preview for Developers program here's what's new: . This new build is notable for enabling a 'realtime Live tile' for the Battery Saver app on Windows Phone Hard to deny that amid all the hoopla of Windows 10, Microsofts mobile OS is rarely making headlines. But Windows Phone Update 2, they say, is ready for phone build 14203 Even more, the changelog refers to Windows Phone 8. 1 build. The New Windows Phone build due soon, brings

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Microsoft officially released Windows Phone 8. 1. Update 1 build to devices enrolled in the Developer Preview program last week, but the company has been really quiet on what's new ever since. As expected, changes included in this new version of Windows Phone 8. 1 Update 1 started popping windows phone build 14203 Windows Phone version history. 306 13 November 2014 with the first build released on February 12, 2015. The newest build of Windows Phone 8. 1, Build, has few obvious new features, but one which drew quick attention was the ability to specify when the OS should install automatic updates, with the default being 3 am. There looks to be a new update out on Windows Phone 8. 1 for those in the Preview for Developers program. Yesterday's update to Battery Saver hinted at a new build ( ) for Windows Phone coming soon.