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2019-09-22 19:36

section of the scheme editor. ) Apps that are archived and distributed (outside of the App Store) onto devices will not have access to the apps coverage files. My apps are not routing apps, but they still show the Routing App Coverage File under the Icon inDec 10, 2014  Or, as said in Spanish, Archivo de cobertura de la app de encaminamiento. If you are submitting your App to iTunes Store, and you get an error message saying it needs the Routing App Coverage File, have a look at the nice explanation on Giacomo Ballis blog. routing app coverage file ios

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The Routing App Coverage File is a GeoJSON file which describes the coverage area for a public transit routing application (to be used with iOS 6 Maps). The iTunes Connect Developers Guide says: Routing app coverage files are. geojson files which specify the geographic regions supported by your app. Sep 18, 2012  Routing App Coverage File iOS 6iOS 6routing approuting app coverage file ios Here's my first iOS app, Routing App Coverage File missing but not and it looks from what I have researched that the Routing Coverage File is used for

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Re: Routing App Coverage Filewhat is it? Giacomo Balli Nov 8, 2012 9: 22 PM (in response to FLTAron) Routing app coverage file defines where your navigation app (providing direction) is pertaining to. routing app coverage file ios Missing Routing App Coverage file By David Black February 08, 2015 January 15, 2015 Comment Permalink Like Tweet 1 So the soon to be ending saga of putting my App Tubulate up for approval on the AppStore is coming to a close. Apple Routing app coverage file for iOS explained Ever since iOS6 rolled out, every developer noticed the routing app coverage file. Many were wondering what is a