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2019-11-18 09:35

Apps, Clients and Tools; Coverity Scan; Travis CI Enterprise. Mobile Applications# Build Checker App# Check CIserver build statusesMeet Trevor. A hybrid mobile app for Travis CI. Apr 6, 2015 Travis CI, GmbH Rigaer Strae 8 Berlin, Germany. Work with Travis CI; Help. Documentation; mobile app travis ci

Sauce Labs Inc, the leading provider of cloudbased web application testing solutions for software developers, today announced a pivotal new partnership with Travis CI, a leading hosted Continuous Integration

mobile app travis

Travis CI is a hosted, distributed continuous integration service used to build and test software projects hosted at GitHub. It provides custom deployments of a proprietary version on the customers own hardware. Travis CI is a hosted continuous integration platform which can be used to run tests and build apps when code is pushed to GitHub. Travis works only with GitHub. It is free for opensource projects but you can also choose a suitable plan for private app travis ci Travis CI is a continuous integration platform that takes care of running your software tests and deploying your apps. This integration will allow your team to receive notifications in Slack for normal branch builds, and for pull requests, as well.

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Since Trevor started as an experiment (Friday night, lets give it a try), I believe the app would not be in the stores if the API wasnt that clear. mobile app travis ci It is a hybrid app based on Ionic Framework that utilizes the amazing Travis CI API. Ionic is awesome and gets event better Written in AngularJS, Ionic Framework wraps Apache Cordova, allowing you to use all the goodies and plugins that Cordova offers.