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So. How many processor cores are there in a mobile phone? At least one, and the sky is the limit. There are Octacore phones. Phones that have 8 core processors. There is no approximate number. There is no general single reference for the number of processor cores in the phone. It depends on the phone.Home many cores do you actually need on a phone? SEE ALSO: Octacore vs quadcore Does it make a difference? Whats a core anyway? The processor core is the key datacrunching part of a CPU (central processing unit). When you have multiple cores running in parallel, you can run multiple tasks simultaneously with far more efficiency. cores phones

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cores phones

Dec 19, 2012 Myth No. 4: More cores save battery life Many CNET readers have shared with me their skepticism that more cores will save battery life, believing instead that quadcore phones will drain a battery faster. Although it isn't always the case, they have a reason to doubt. Soon there were quadcore processors (as in four cores), and now there are hexa (six) and octacore (eight) smartphones and tablets. Whats the benefit of multiple cores? The more cores, the faster they can divvy up the work youre asking the phone to do.cores phones See the list of best octa core mobiles in India 2018. Check out the toprated octa core processor phones based on performance, quality, design, sales and value for money along with their prices, key features, specs, user ratings, photos and

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Whether you choose an LG Quadcore cell phone, or take it up a notch with an Octacore, youll find options that are packed with innovative available features that include: Power on the go. Youll find phones with lightningfast LG Quadcore processors, as well as 1. 9GHz Octacore Snapdragon 835 processors coupled with 4GB RAM. Now youve cores phones