Itunes won't recognize iphone 4s

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If you connect your device to your computer with a USB cable and iTunes doesn't recognize your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, get help.Aug 29, 2009 When I open iTunes and connect my iPhone, iTunes doesn't recognize my iPhone. I checked in My Computer and it says it's connected. It was working itunes won't recognize iphone 4s

Mar 21, 2016 When I plug my iphone into my computer, it is recognized and you can do just about whatever you want with iTunes. Windows 10 won't recognize my iPhone

itunes won't recognize

May 06, 2014  (1) Quit and restart iTunes (2) Try to connect to a different USB port on the computer (3) Reboot the iPhone and press the button of Power and Home simultaneously until the icon of Apple appear (4) Reboot the computer (5) Use a different syncing cable. If the iTunes still can't recognize the iPhone, probably, the problem is Nov 20, 2012  iPhone, iPad, or iPod not recognized in iTunes for Windows If your iPhone, iPad or iPod wont connect to iTunes on your PC, try the steps below. Use these steps if your iPhone, iPad, or iPod doesnt appear under Devices in iTunes after you connect it to your Windows PC. When trying these steps, dont manually place theitunes won't recognize iphone 4s What should I do when iTunes won't detect my iPhone? Update Cancel. Originally Answered: What can I do to sync my iPhone if iTunes won't recognize the device?

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Why won't my iTunes won't detect my iPad 2 or iPhone 4S? My iTunes version is 10. 6 and it won't detect my iPad 2 or iPhone 4S in the devices tab. itunes won't recognize iphone 4s Sep 20, 2013 Name: iTunes Doesn't Recognize My Device [SOLVED Description: Step 1. Plug your iDevice in. Step 2. Go to the Start Menu, and search 'devmgmt. msc Step 3 Solved: computer and iTunes not to get the iOS drivers without iTunes and to have the iPhone recognized in iTunes wont delete the contents