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Jan 16, 2009 When I type in mypin in a Blackberry Messenger conversation or in an email it will do the shortcut and show my pin# for my phone. However, when I try it in text message (either composing or responding) for some reason its not working.The video below shows you how to use keyboard shortcuts on the BlackBerry Classic. Keep reading for a list type mypin and hit the spacebar to display your PIN number. Similarly, you can type mynumber to bring up your phone number, LT for the current time and LD for the date. Are you as excited about these shortcuts as I am? You can preorder the BlackBerry blackberry shortcuts mypin

Jun 28, 2010 There are many BlackBerry shortcuts which will work for most BlackBerry devices for messaging, browsing, composing messages and more. Once you get the hang of it, using these shortcuts will make you much quicker on the draw and help you harness the full abilities of your device.

blackberry shortcuts mypin

Mar 01, 2010  One of the benefits of BlackBerry handsets sharing a common software platform is that the same shortcuts and timesaving features are present across all devices and are accessed in the same way. . Most BlackBerry handsets have full Qwerty keyboards, but there are still a host of shortcuts to make typing easier and to combat MYPIN actually wouldn't work for me for a while after I got my Z10. See if there's an update that your friend hasn't downloaded. Settings, software update. See if there's an update that your friend hasn't downloaded. Settings, software update.blackberry shortcuts mypin The first and most basic of all shortcuts is the Convenience Key. This is the one key that you hold the power to. You have the option to change this to whatever you find to be the most useful to lock your keys, activate the camera, compose an email

Free Blackberry shortcuts mypin

Quick Tip: Some great BlackBerry shortcuts. IsaacKendall. 9 Sep 2011 35 The BlackBerry is the smartphone king of shortcuts here are some favorites Who doesn't love a good shortcut? Doing things the long way is the like paying retail, why do it if there is a better (cheaper) way. A while back I wrote about Auto TextWord Substitution on the BlackBerry blackberry shortcuts mypin The 10 Best BlackBerry Shortcuts CIO. com's BlackBerry black belt Al Sacco shares his 10 favorite and most frequently used BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts, tips and tricks.