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This page explains how you can proactively reduce memory usage within your app. For information about how the Android operating system manages memory, see the Overview of Android Memory Management. Monitor available memory and memory usage. Before you can fix the memory usage problems in your app, you first need to find them.I need to track app usage in Android like how AppUsage does it (i. e. track number of app launches, and time spent using each). What I plan on doing is record the start time when an app is launched, android track app memory usage

35 Android Apps to Monitor Usage Stats and Tweak System Utilities user time, memory usage, and It can also track data usage per app (Android 2. 2,

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will get you a list of PIDs, and then getProcessMemoryInfo will give you memory details about them. See the following thread for an complete, indepth answer: How do I discover memory usage of my application in Android? . From this app, you can keep an eye on apps which use your Android resources the most: CPU, memory, and battery. Its compact interface displays realtime CPU, memory usage, etc. in form of realtime graphs. These realtime graphs demonstrate overall and appwise CPU& memory usage of the track app memory usage How to Check& Monitor Apps RAM Usage in Android Phone So what to do with the apps with high RAM memory usage? The short and simple answer is to uninstall them.

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Step 3: Track Your App Usage Frequency starts tracking right away and lays everything out for you in a clean and easytoread interface. The most used apps are at the top with bars and readouts that mark how much time has been spent in each. android track app memory usage Android Monitor provides a Memory Monitor so you can more easily monitor app performance and memory usage to find deallocated objects, locate memory leaks, and track the amount of memory the connected device is using.