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2019-08-19 11:16

Select your printer if necessary, review the print settings to make sure that your color and orientation preferences are correct, and click the Print button. As long as your computer is connected to your printer, this will print yourStep 2: Print Out the Exported Android Text Messages. All the Android text messages that have been exported via the two methods above are all saved in CSV file format, which is located in computer desktop and named Messaging. CSV file. 1. Doubleclick to open the Messaging. CSV file in the Microsoft Excel. printing android text messages

Print out Android SMS with Assistant for Android. The most convenient way to print the text messages is to export SMS from Android to computer and then print it out. This process can be simply and quickly completed with the help of MobiKin Assistant for Android (Windows& Mac).

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For many reasons, you may want to print out Android text messages. This page is just a guide, teaching you the simplest way to print all SMS messages from your Android Step 3. Preview and save text messages on Android for print The scan will spend you a few minutes. When the scan over, you are able to preview all messages found on the Android phone in the scan result as follows.printing android text messages How can the answer be improved?

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Printing text messages from Android phone is a bit complicated as there is no direct way to do that. Thus, we round up two easy solutions to print Android SMS on the go. printing android text messages