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2019-09-22 06:56

DO I QUALIFY TO RECEIVE MY APPLICATION AND TRANSFER FEES BACK? In the past 4 years if you paid a nonrefundable applicationtransfer fee to a condominium association in Florida in excess of 100. 00 per applicant (a married couple is considered one applicant), then you qualify.Can the condominium or cooperative association charge me 100 to lease a unit? Published 02: 24 PM Updated 10: 37 AM This type of charge is generally referred to as a transfer fee. condo application fee

So have to do the condo application (for purchase) and am asked to provide about 18 different documents, including four different reference letters. They also want six copies. Also a number of fees: 500 damage deposit (refundable); 400 move in fee; 300 application fee; 125 credit check fee.

condo application fee

A recent lawsuit filed by a tenant against a Miami condominium association is claiming excessive application fees were charged, violating the Florida law. The tenant was charge at total of 625 in nonrefundable fees by Quantum on the Bay, which included a 100 background check, 175 for Administrative Review, 125 Registration and 225 move Q: I have an investment condominium and the new management company charges 200 for an application. I thought 100 was the max allowable? I thought 100 was the max allowable? Any info is appreciated thank you.condo application fee I think we'll be interested in seeing which condos and which management companies actually bring their fees down to a hundred dollars. Some of the attorneys for the associations and the companies are arguing that the law actually does allow for more than 100 charges, but that simply just does not appear to be the law.

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Condo associations across South Florida are ripping off consumers with high application fees in violation of state law, a Miami Herald investigation has found. Associations are allowed to charge people applying to buy or rent a unit a maximum of 100 per person. The nonrefundable fees cover the costs of interviews, background and credit checks. condo application fee Jan 30, 2013 Our condominiums typically charge a one month common charge sublet fee and a 250 renewal fee, says Michael Wolfe, a property manager and president of Midboro Management. However, he says, The majority of our condo buildings do not charge anything for a renewal and only require a copy of the new lease agreement. How can the answer be improved?