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Diamond Crypto Smartphone Akin to the GoldVish Le Million, the Diamond Crypto smartphone is also priced at 1. 3 million (approx. Rs. 8. 8 crores). This phone comes under the category of expensive phones as it uses a power encryption technology that will protect he data saved in the phone. This smartphone is decorated withFeatures and specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Similar devices. Samsung i600 diamond crypto smartphone özellikleri

Thought we admire diamond encruster extraordinaire Peter Aloisson and his previous work, it suffered the same problem as other milliondollar cellphones have in the past: not enough cryptography. Happily, Russian firm JSC Ancort has developed a Windows CEbased smartphone ready for Aloisson's

diamond crypto smartphone

Ancort Diamond Crypto Smartphone was release in 2006 with a price tag of 1. 3 million dollars. Ancort Diamond Crypto Smartphone was designed by Peter Aloisson. The navigation key is being made of solid 18 carat roseyellow gold and according to the designer of the device, the button is equipped with no less than 28 round cut 1. 3 Million Dollar Diamond Crypto Smartphone While handset manufacturers are working hard to offer mobile phones at reasonable and cheaper prices, a Moscow based company has gone the other way. Here, another milliondollar cell phone is set to hit the market by storm, the Diamond Crypto Smartphone.diamond crypto smartphone özellikleri Nov 20, 2014 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later.

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Also See: Top 10 Largest Rice Producing Countries In The World 2018. 5. Diamond Crypto Smartphone. The main motive of every manufacturer that to provide the best mobile phone to consumers in cheaper rate but this handset is considered as one of the most expensive phones in world as it is manufactured by a Moscow based company, there are many reasons which make this Smartphone diamond crypto smartphone özellikleri Diamond crypto Smartphone Designed by Peter Aloisson, this Diamond crypto Smartphone is the probably the most expensive phone in the world that is priced at 1. 3 million. This Smartphone runs on Windows CE and featured with 5o diamonds, little rose gold to make is as attractive as possible. This device provides protection against Diamond Crypto Smartphone The fifth on the list is the Diamond Crypto Smartphone, costing at 1. 3 million. As previously mentioned, this phone boasts something significant in its interior, considering topoftheline security, so owners have no worries of the information being stolen by others or hackers. Apart from that, there are also JSC Ancort company and Mr. Peter Aloisson the world famous Austrian jeweler, the designer and the inventor of the luxury mobile phones have signed an agreement to start a project on the creation of a Diamond Crypto Smartphone.