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ZeuSintheMobile for Android By Denis Maslennikov on July 12, 2011. 10: 52 pm The first version of ZeuSintheMobile (ZitMo), malware which targets mTANs, was discovered in the end of September 2010.The Trojan spyware application known as Zitmo, which is designed to steal people's financial data, has now been altered to target devices running the Android mobile operating system. zitmo android edition (zeus for mobile)

Jul 08, 2011  MD5: Credits: thanks to anonymous, July 8, 2011 Research links: Zitmo hits Android Axelle Apvrille Fortinet; Dissecting ZeuS

zitmo android edition

SpyEye and Zeus use the same distribution method (a computer infected with SpyEye will suggest the user enter a URL in a mobile device to download the malicious Android app), but the user interaction is different. Jul 11, 2011  Researchers at Fortinet said the malicious file is a new version of Zitmo, a family of mobile malware first spotted last year that stands for ZeuS in the mobile. The Zitmo variant, disguised as a security application, is designed to intercept the onetime passcodes that banks send to mobile users as an added security feature.zitmo android edition (zeus for mobile) Jul 08, 2011 aka take a sample, leave a sample Contagio mobile minidump is a part of Zitmo Android Edition (Zeus for mobile) GoldDream; DroidKungFu2; Tap Snake Spy app June (2) Blog List. Security Intelligence TrendLab Life in Linux Kernel.

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Aug 09, 2012 With Zitmo's reach across the smartphone platform isle, Zeusinthemobile could have twice the effect that the original Zeus had. Think of it as hitting twice as many targets with half of the ammo or firepower. zitmo android edition (zeus for mobile) Zeus, also known as ZBot, is one of bestknown malware in the industry. The main purpose of this malware is to steal banking credentials, allowing attackers to commit electronic fraud. Until 2010, Zeus existed only for personal computers since this platform was (and still is) the principal medium for electronic Researchers have discovered a new variant of the insidious Zeus trojan that is designed to run on Google Android smartphones, security researchers have warned. The malicious program is a new version of Zitmo, a mobile trojan application first discovered last year that stands for Zeus in the ZitMo versions for Symbian, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Android have been detected. It works with ZeuS as a team. If you look at ZitMo separately, i. e. without any connection to the PCbased ZeuS, then it becomes mere spyware capable of