Uitextview inset ios 7

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2019-08-23 01:30

How to lose marginpadding in UITextView? For iOS 7. 0, I've found that the Doing the inset solution I still had padding on the right side and the bottom.In iOS 6 and later, if you assign a value to this views restoration Identifier property, it preserves the following information: The selected range of text, as reported by the selected Range property. uitextview inset ios 7

UITextView similar to SMSapp In iOS 7, UITextView seems to calculate in iOS 7, if you forget to set the content inset or set the

uitextview inset ios

The inset of the text container's layout area within the text view's content area. In this iOS SDK Basics tutorial, we are going to create a UITextView, implement the UITextViewDelegate protocol methods, and use NSLog touitextview inset ios 7 Jan 13, 2015 This video demonstrate, how to use UITextView to get text input from user. For other iOS tutorial please visit

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UITextView textContainerInset not respecting bottom Still present in iOS 8. 4 (Simulator). If Inset Detecting taps on attributed text in a UITextView in iOS. 7. uitextview inset ios 7 I'm having a UITextView and set content inset as [atextView 10, 0, 0); This code working in iOS 6. 1 and below, but nothing happens in iOS 7. 0. 7, 0, The default value is 8, 0, 8, 0 (8 logical pixels inset at top and bottom, How to pad a UITextView by setting its text container inset. You can force the text of any UITextView to have padding Available from iOS 7. 0.