Iphone wedding proposal

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2019-08-20 06:18

Theres nothing like a grand gesture when proposing marriage, and they dont get much grander than blowing nearly 100, 000 on a stack of iPhone 6 devices, arranging them in the shape of a heart, and standing in the middle to pop the question.According to a recent survey, one in five men would actually rather have an iPhone 6 than a girlfriend. And that number is even up from last years survey about the iPhone 5s, where one in eight said they would forgo the soft touch of a woman for a new Touch IDequipped Apple phone. iphone wedding proposal

But one computer programmer decided to propose inside a heartshaped ring of 99 iPhone 6s about 53, 600 worth, in Guangzhou, China. The Nanfang reports that all the

iphone wedding proposal

Nov 11, 2014  Apparently inspired by the novelty of this man's 99iPhone proposal, CNN put together a list of other creative proposals involving a rather large quantity of items. For example, the outlet noted a man named Dou Ziwang proposed to his girlfriend by forming two big hearts made from 99, 999 red chili peppers, while another proposed by IPhone Wedding Proposal He proposed to his girlfriend in a true DIY manner. Chad took Vy, his bride to be to the movie theater where they had their first date.iphone wedding proposal But for some people that photo op doesn't come soon enough. Enter RokShok's new creation: an iPhone case that hides the ring until you're ready to

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Dec 26, 2007  Being the romantic fellow that he is, Claude spent what must have been numerous hours producing a video proposal in the style of those ubiquitous commercials as you can see after the break and then screened it for his sweetheart (probably on his or her youknowwhat) while they were strolling around the area where they'd first iphone wedding proposal