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Aug 05, 2012 This isn't a reply but I can't figure out how to ask a new question. I can get apps to move from pagetopage (thanks to the dock transfer comment here), but I can't get the icons to stop wiggling to get back to the home page, or even to use the buttons on the blankpage dock.If you are talking about moving an icon on the home pages where your settings are I think I can help. Hold your finger on an app until it starts to wiggle. ipad moving icons between pages

Nov 05, 2014 I know how to drag or move icons around and this works perfectly on my iPhone, and as long as I stay on the same screeen on the iPad, I can move icions around as well. The problem is that I can't drag icons onto another screen and have to use iTunes on my desktop to achieve this.

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Method 1: How to rearrange and move your icons between home screens through the iPad or iPhone In order to move icons, you need to press and hold an icon until all of the icons start to shake. Once you are in this mode, you can simply drag the icons around the current home screen till they are arranged how you want them. The iPad comes with a number of great apps, but once you start downloading new apps from the app store, you will soon find yourself with several pages filled with icons. To move from one page to the next, you can simply swipe your finger across the iPad's display from right to left to go forward aipad moving icons between pages Jul 04, 2010 Move the icon till it, s on that page. Note it has to be the the correct position on that page. Reordering then is easy by pulling to a point between others. Note it has to be the the correct position on that page. Reordering then is easy by pulling to a point between others.

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Touch and hold your finger on the icon and slowly drag it to the left or right edge of the screen depending which screen you want to move it to. The longer you hold it on the edge, the more screens move by for you to put it on. Once you have your icons where you want them, push the button at the bottom middle of the iPad to save them. ipad moving icons between pages How can the answer be improved? If you want to create a folder with your selected apps, drag the app icons on top of the last app icon you wish to move and hold until the folder interface appears. . update Click the Home button to exit edit mode. With all the great new apps for the iPhone, you may find yourself with multiple pages of bookmarks and app icons. Heres how to rearrange those icons and move them quickly across multiple pages.