Putting iphone in freezer to cool down

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2019-11-17 21:07

never put it inside a fridge. Putting your phone in a place with extremely low temperatures will cause the following: The screen will crack if the temperature is low enough.Hard to believe this helped, but putting my iPhone in the freezer for about 30 minutes helped fixed some of the problems. Here are the cold, hard facts from my iPhone freezer experiences. Here are the cold, hard facts from my iPhone freezer experience. putting iphone in freezer to cool down

You would probably water damage it, as hot and cold together produce condensation. Putting it in the fridge or freezer could thermal shock some of the more delicate components, which in turn will kill your phone. I would set it in a cool, dark place and give it 30 minutes to cool down slowly.

putting iphone in

Jan 05, 2011  Put Phone in Freezer? ? ? loverton13 Jan 3, 2011 5: 01 PM Every time I have powered down my phone I have been unable to restart it without putting it in the freezer for a few minutes. This bizarre little workaround has worked, without fail, including recently at an airport in Minnesota where I had to make due with a snowbank. While Aug 28, 2009  Best Answer: why the heck would you put your iphone in the freezer, thats not cool bro I was having problems with the volume on my iPhone 4S when I played videos on Facebook and You Tube. I read somewhere that if you put your phone in the freezer for 5 mins. , it will fix the problem. It worked for me! Don't know why youputting iphone in freezer to cool down Wave your hand or a sheet of paper to make a breeze, or even blow on the back of your phone to help it cool down. Avoid sudden changes in temperature. If youre really worried about the temperature of your phone, you might be tempted to place it in the refrigerator or freezer, just for a minute or two. This is what experts in the field might

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If you put your smartphone in the fridge and provided that the fridge is on functioning then, You will become that guy who uses a Cool smartphone! Just joking, but I find a quote on the internet: People take cell phones outside in weather much colder than the inside of a refrigerator or even a freezer, and they continue to work just fine. In putting iphone in freezer to cool down Why does my iphone 4 keep saying it needs to cool down? My iphone 4 keeps saying that it needs to cool down yet its not even hot. It'll work for about 5 minutes then go back to the temparure screen. Turning it off and on helps but only for about 5 minutes. Please help. P. S. I tried resetting it. Oct 17, 2010 Erasing the programme memory of a phone by cooling it down, to far below the temperture that your domestic freezer can cool down to, will not remove the network lock on your phone. Source(s): Electronic and communications Engineer Jul 07, 2013 I put my iPhone in the fridge because my mate James said it helps it cool down (it's black and gets boiling in the sun) anyways, I accidentally put it in the freezer, when I woke up it was covered in a layer of ice and now it won't turn on.