C# keep windows application running

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May 26, 2010 2: 19: 19 AM Discuss client application development using Windows Forms keep on running the console application even im new for c# . kevinYou should do it just like you would if you were programming a windows service. What is the best way to keep a C# Console app running. 0. c# keep windows application running

How do you keep a console application running in C# ? It appears that my app just runs for a split second. I want to be able to keep the app running until I

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Oct 06, 2011 Visual C# https: social. msdn I have a windows application which keeps on running in background even after closing. So I execute the application like so: C: \\Windows\\ Stack Windows Service to run constantly. Browse other questions tagged c# windowsservices or ask your ownc# keep windows application running Currently the only examples of a Windows service in C# I have seen are to keep a Windows service running without a timer and a timer to keep running.

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Keep application running all the time. put you windows app in the windows startup. Browse other questions tagged c# . net windows or ask your own question. c# keep windows application running how to keep a windows application alive in C# ? when I put something to keep my application alive like I run it as a console application and put a I am developing a windows form application for a client and they require that even if the application is stopped due to some unhandled exception or closed it should pop up again and keep running. May 03, 2010 Run a C# application in background. I have created a clientserver application (windows form) in C# as follows: The client app is on the users computer.