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Trillian for iPhone supports connecting to the AIM, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and Google Talk protocols. After downloading Trillian from the App Store, users are prompted to login with either an existing Trillian Astra Account or to register for a new one.May 25, 2004  The Good Works with AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN; supports DirectIM and Yahoo IM Webcam. The Bad Most IM apps are free, but Trillian Pro is not. The trillian pro iphone

The Trillian team has been working on an iPhone version of Trillian: Currently the contact list and message windows are up and running. You can see the status of your contacts they update. You can send and receive messages in

trillian pro iphone

If your team already relies on public IM networks, consider using Trillian for Business as a great way to deploy an IM client with domainbased usernames, to manage the rollout of software updates, and to control message history policy. Trillian for Business is a complete platform for team communication, not just a client for thirdparty consumer IM networks. You can use it to keep your team together in one place while keeping your data under company control think messages, files, and images using the same Trillian clients that you know and love.trillian pro iphone Nov 18, 2009  Description INSTANT MESSAGING: Your unique Trillian username can be used to send unlimited messages free of ANYWHERE: Trillian's continuous client feature delivers your chats instantly between all of your SIMPLE: Trillian places a strong emphasis on fast and reliable message delivery and a beautiful, SECURE:

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On November 18, 2009, the first mobile version of Trillian was launched for iPhone. As of 2010, final builds for Android, BlackBerry, and Apple iOS were available for their markets (Market, App World and App Store respectively). trillian pro iphone Jul 07, 2007  Trillian Astra chat IM software for iPhone. Those hankering to get your chat on with that shiny new iPhone now have an option other than waiting 'til who knows when for a (potential) Apple update if you're cool The Pro version of Trillian supports different skins, for those who want to personalise the look and feel. Business users can choose from a wide range of plugins that integrate current news, weather, stock quotes, computer performance stats, and world time into the main Trillian Pro 2. 012 console. Trillian USED to be a flawless app. Unfortunately, it has become glitchy and unreliable. it loses messages. it stalls . and, yes, it crashes. I keep hoping the developers will fix it, as i do prefer Trillian to all other messaging apps as