Problems selling mobile phones on ebay

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2019-08-20 07:02

There is an app for eBay in the iOS App Store and Google Play, which offers a simple user interface that allows sellers to quickly list items, send receive questions and answers from potential buyers and sellers, and receive instant notifications on winning, losing or selling an item (makes a \chaching\ sound) and even receiving payment.Buyers are on the lookout for all sorts of Cell Phones, PDAs and Cell Phone Accessories on eBay, from handsfree car kits to cell phone charms. The following provides just a small sampling of the myriad things that you could sell on eBay. problems selling mobile phones on ebay

Generally speaking, the more features a cell phone has and the more storage that's built in, the higher the cost of the phone. Buy a bestselling Apple smartphone, such as the iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s and check out the latest releases from

problems selling mobile

eBay Selling Coaches& Classes Mobile App Android Archive Cell Phones: iPhone selling problems; Bookmark Share Post. Options. eBay told me there has been extensive problems with iPhones purchased through eBay to the Ukraine and Eastern Europe and the matter needs to be investigated. At noproblems selling mobile phones on ebay Based on comparison of Gazelle, AT& T and TMobile online sales. Trending price is based on similar items that recently sold or completed. Sale and actual selling price

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Unlocked phones can sell for about 30 more than a locked phone. For example, if you are selling an iPhone 6 that is locked to Verizon, the only buyers that would be interested in it are Verizon subscribers. problems selling mobile phones on ebay All new mobile phones come with a standard 1 year warranty from the manufacturer. Some sellers are selling the phones with a 1 year warranty, at the normal market price, though their warranty terms state that in the event of a fault, you have to send the phone overseas, or back to the seller, rather than the manufacturer.