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2019-09-18 06:18

Condommaker has released a smartphone app that will turn off lovers smartphones at agreed times.Condom brand Durex revealed the final chapter of its 'Durex Connect' campaign by releasing a smartphone app. durex application smartphone

Fundawear: Smartphonecontrolled vibrating underwear thanks to Durex's vibrating Fundawear. which are controlled by a simple smartphone app.

durex application smartphone

Durex suggests that smartphones are Durex: Smartphones are Killing Your Sex The excited lovers wait to find out about the new smartphone app that Fundawear for Durex has created the first interactive underwearlingerie for couples. Durexperiment gives new meaning to phone sex. The product allows a couple to have a remote sensual encounter complete with simulated touching through the use of a smartphone app and their sensorembedded technologydurex application smartphone Mar 11, 2015 Watch what happens when some adventurous couples try our sexy new smartphone technology. # Connect At Durex, we look for inspiration in modern habits and noti

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When you look down at your smartphone This Emergency Condom Delivery App Is which is made for balloon enthusiasts and by condom maker Durex, is an app that durex application smartphone Get all the latest industry news in your inbox. PARSIPPANY, N. J. Durex on Monday revealed today the final chapter of its 'Durex Connect' campaign by releasing a smartphone app that helps people do exactly that, just in time for Earth Hour. After teasing a technology breakthrough that could