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3. Edit your phone number detail: Once youve rebooted the iPhone after step# 3, check if Phone number details on your iPhone reflect the new number. They usually do but just to be sure. Go to Settings Phone and make sure My Number reflects your new number. If not, edit this. Also, make sure the time& date settings in your iPhone areIf you still have your iPhone, you can deregister iMessage with these steps: If you transferred your SIM card from your iPhone to a nonApple phone, put it back in your iPhone. ; Make sure that you're connected to your cellular data network. iphone change sim card imessage

Remove or switch the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad Learn how to remove or transfer the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad (WiFi Cellular models). Use only the SIM tray that came with your device. For example, a SIM tray

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Since when you change a sim card, iphone will ask you to active iMessage on the new number and discard the old number. This is inconvenient since many friends send messages to my number using iMessage. So is there a tweak that helps me to use the iMessage with my main number even when I use the local sim card abroad? Thanks. As it happens, iPhones can have a bit of trouble adjusting to their new location, and while theyll easily recognize the new SIM card for voice calls, other features of the iPhone may not be quite so compliant especially iMessage and FaceTime.iphone change sim card imessage May 25, 2014 Putting the VZW SIM back in the phone returns it to its previous status though it may take several minutes for iMessage to change the phone number to the current SIM, don't ask me why.

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She took out her SIM card, so I don't have a SIM on my iPhone. I heard that you can now text on iMessage using your email instead of a phone number. I went to Settings Messages, and I put in my email address, but my friend's number is on top. I'm tying to delete it, but I can't. I also have no SIM. iphone change sim card imessage Feb 11, 2015  Yesterday I returned home and switched back to my regular SIM card and it seems there is a mess with the Phone number, iMessage and FaceTime. Let me explain: When I inserted the SIM the phone recognized the phone number without the Country Code (Insted of showing: Country Code& Phone number its showing IPhone: : My IMessage Number Won't Change Along After I Changed My SIM Card Mar 15, 2012. I used iphone 4s. Recently i changed my sim card so my phone number has changed too. I've already succeed changed my phone number into the new number but my imessage number won't verify the new number. iMessage keep continue verify my old I recently swapped my Sim card in my iPhone 4, to move to another carrier. I ported my number across so there is no change other than the actual Sim card. Since then, iMessage seems to be entirely