Samsung galaxy noise

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2019-11-12 16:40

The second mic on the top of the phone is for noise but it degrades voice quality for the receiving party. MostFeb 20, 2017 Does anyone have buzzing noise issue with Galaxy S7? After calling using the earbud included, if I play music, then there is buzzing noise not only samsung galaxy noise

I can hear a distortion like crackling coming from the speaker, and it happens randomly when I play music, videos, or gaming.

samsung galaxy noise

Samsung Galaxy No Sound Step 4, Make sure your Samsung Galaxy has the latest software update, to check go into settings about device software update Samsung Galaxy S3 audio problems are not uncommon. Another problem that you may face with your Samsung Galaxy S3 is noisy galaxy noise Aug 08, 2015 I've been having this noise coming from my phone for a couple weeks now does it every ten fifteen minutes don't know what it is. Anyone else have any info on

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