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2019-08-23 10:18

DIY Arduino Oscilloscope with the Nokia 3310 GLCD screen Facebook Twitter Google LinkedIn Ive seen videos on YouTube using an Arduino and a Graphical LCD screen (GLCD) to create a simple Oscilloscope.Oct 21, 2017  This DIY Nokia 3310 survival phone is a perfect choice for survivalists. With the huge battery you can get out 55 Days of standby time and 22 Hours of talk time (estimated). It diy nokia 3310

Filear. com posted a cool hack that can be done in an afternoon if you have the parts handy. The author built a DIY oscilloscope using an Arduino Pro Mini and the LCD from a Nokia 3310. The Arduino is wired up to sample from an ADC port and writes those values to the screen to create a waveform.

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Apr 20, 2015 This instructable tells how to extract the LCD of defect handy Nokia 3310 and to modify it for use with Arduino. I had an old defect Nokia 3310 handy. It was not charging the battery. I wanted to throw it away, but to me came the idea, that the LCD could be used for some Arduino project. I decided to extract the display and play with it. About Nokia 3310 LCD display: As you know Nokia old phones nowadays useless for us because of smartphones, But their parts is useable for DIY projects of Arduino. You can create a very cheap Arduino project using Nokia 3310 nokia 3310 Adafruit Industries, Unique& fun DIY electronics and kits Nokia monochrome LCD extras ID: 338 These displays were used in old Nokia cell phones (before the smartphone fad turned every cell phone into a TV). It's a 84x48 pixel monochrome LCD display.

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May 01, 2013 DIY Geiger Counter with Nokia 5110 (3310) LCD and PIC16F876A; new prototype! Take note, current version of the project is different and can be purchased as a kit for DIY here. It starts here, but now I tried to work with Nokia 5110 graphic LCD. diy nokia 3310