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Platform: Android and Apple smartphone app, NO desktop Pros: backed by its very wealthy Facebook ownership; very popular; supports photos and videos Cons: only works on smartphones (no desktop interface); while the first year is free, there is a 1 dollaryear fee after that; it is cumbersome to create new text message groups.The design is entirely Material Design. That means it looks good and it's easy to use. Google also has big plans for this app, including RCS support along with other neat features. The app can be a little slow. Otherwise, it's probably the best of best group text app for android 2014

GroupMe, now owned by Microsoft and Skype, is one of the oldest and bestloved group messaging apps out there, bringing with it a bunch of features for pinging multiple people at once. Sharing photos, videos, links, tweets, GIFs and more inside your custommade groups is all neatly handled and the interface is smart and uncluttered throughout.

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Best text messaging SMS replacement apps for Android. Posted: 08 Aug 2014, you can swap the default text messaging app with something readily available on the Play Store, Best text messaging SMS apps for Android. Hello SMS. Handcent SMS. Evolve SMS. View more 5 images What each app will do, though, is send a text (or similar). Below you'll find our list of the best apps out there, to help you stay in contact with all your friends and colleagues. group text app for android 2014 Available for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and even nonsmartphones, GroupMe is the Swiss Army knife of group texting and communication apps. Download the app, sign up for an account, and enjoy the ability to send texts to and start conference calls with multiple people in your contacts, or even from Twitter and Facebook.

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The best texting apps and SMS apps for Android (new! ) SMS has been the gold standard for text messaging for a long time. Most cell phone plans just give them away in unlimited capacities these days and its dead easy to use. best group text app for android 2014 Default Android text apps are boring, but there are tons of alternatives in the Play Store. That's why we've compiled a list of the best texting apps on Android offering better security, looks, features and more. These group text messaging apps let you have chats with multiple friends, family or coworkers. Now you can use this app with your device to instant message photos and files to friends, relatives and coworkers. Send group messages and invite multiple contacts to have a chat. (available in the latest versions for iOS and Android The best text messaging apps for Android and iOS GIFs, make video calls, and also make group calls. This app is very popular, partly because you can use it on your desktop, as well as your mobile devices. Download now for: Android iOS. Google Allo. Allo is the newest chat app from Google. The main attraction is Googles new