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Oct 08, 2014  The steps feature is quite accurate as long as you have the iPhone with you whether its in your pocket, in hand, or a pack seems to work and register as expected, and the mileage walking running distance indicator is also apparently accurate enough from testing experience.Apr 29, 2016 Like most pedometers and pedometer apps, the default step goal is set at 10, 000 steps, but you can adjust this based on your lifestyle or you can allow the app to set an automatic goal for you based on your step history (the app will give you an achievable, slightly challenging goal based on your weekly averages). is iphone daily steps accurate

Apr 29, 2016  How to use your iPhone as a pedometer. but as a conservative measure, I like to base my daily step goal of 7, 000 steps on Apples own data. the motion coprocessor of your iPhone can be more accurate at counting steps if you put your iPhone in your pocket when walking. Having it in a purse or backpack will work

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Many of you want to track the number of steps you've taken during the day or know the distance you've covered sightseeing. Activity trackers like Fitbit are good options, but if you're an iPhone user mainly interested in tracking distance and steps, this functionality is already builtin your phone. The nice thing about the heart rate monitors is that if you want to know calories burned it is fairly accurate. The step monitors will only tell you steps taken. And you can use MFP to have it estimate your calorie burn based onis iphone daily steps accurate If youre using your iPhone as a pedometer, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that it may not be giving you an accurate step count.

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The pedometer function of the iPhone is surprisingly accurate, but as others have mentioned, there are limitations and dependencies. Holding the iPhone or keeping it in a purse or bag while walking (thereby bufferingcushioning the movement) can result in missed steps, and accuracy can also be is iphone daily steps accurate The motion coprocessors in all iPhones with the A7 chip or higher are great for use in counting steps, with the resulting data readily accessible in the stock Health app. However, the accuracy of this data can differ to a surprisingly large degree depending on where you keep your iPhone when walking.