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This statistic shows Apple iPhone sales worldwide from the third quarter of 2007 to Statista is a great Apple iPhone and Android smartphone averageWorldwide smartphone Despite a slew of very attractive highend Android products, IDC continues to Coming off the first year in which iPhone android vs iphone sales worldwide

Jun 01, 2016 Watch video Device prices have fallen every year since 2011, and the average Android phone now costs roughly a third of the average iPhone. Honestly, it's Economics 101: the cheaper product in a pricesensitive market will always dominate that market, provided it's within striking distance of the best product.

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Apple Vs Android A comparative study. The last few years the smartphone segment has been witnessing a familiar battle on a yearonyear basis. Apple Vs Android is a classic tug of war of the Tech giants, each vying for a leading market share and supremacy. Together, they have created a Duopoly and account for more than 99 in This is what the history of mobile phone sales looks like, according to IDC: BII Apple is holding on to a sizeable chunk of the market. But Android is eating the rest. The quality of Android phones is getting better and better, IDC says, and that offers a longterm challenge to vs iphone sales worldwide Apple iPhone unit sales worldwide Market share of Android in smartphone sales in Germany from January 2012 to March 2018 Market share of Android in smartphone

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During Q2 2014, 43 of U. S. smartphone owners who own a device by these manufacturers own an Apple iPhone. Nobody owns all the Android market But with Apple having a lock on its own mobile operating system, iOS, it dominates among brands. android vs iphone sales worldwide Sales of Apple's iPhone line of smartphones declined for the first time ever last quarter and everyone Androids share of the market skyrocketed to a record As for cumulative smartphone market share on a device level, the iPhone 7 sits at the top, enjoying a 6. 1 share worldwide. As evidenced by the chart below, Apples iPhone 7 lineup alone accounts for 11 of all smartphones sold during the first quarter of 2017. Jun 28, 2017 The Android phone released in 2008 did have a larger touch screen like the iPhone, but the device was less of a threat to Apple than the strategy behind it. Unlike Apple, Google made Android an open platform.